The Making of a K4EAA Shaft Coupler


Here's a short video showing an SC-M2 being machined from beginning to end.

For the last 4 years I've been hand machining the SC-M1 couplers in my garage.  That was a lot of work, and I really appreciate the many compliments I've received from y'all over the years.  When it came time to rebuild my jigs and fixtures, I decided to change the design, and let a machine do the work!  I'm getting old . . .  8^)

The new SC-M2 is shorter, exactly the length of the old Kenwood nylon couplers in fact, so it will fit all rigs including the TS-820 series.  All I had to find was a $250,000, 20 foot long Swiss-type multi-axis CNC lathe to have them made on . . .  12 foot lengths of solid brass rod go into one end, and perfect, completed couplers roll off the other.

I don't think there are enough Kenwood hybrids in need of shaft couplers in the world to make a profit from this venture, but I do hope that you can benefit from this undertaking.   SOMEBODY has to make decent 4 setscrew metric couplers, or we Kenwood hybrid fans are out of business!

Enjoy the short movie, 73, Ken

The oil flood was turned off for filming because with the cover open, the oil would squirt wildly onto us and the camera!  You can see  oil dripping from previous running, but we're cutting dry for the movie.

The sequence of operations is:

Face the solid rod stock
Peck Drill the 6mm center shaft hole
Center drill 4 radial holes
Drill 4 radial holes
Tap 4 radial holes 3mm x .5 pitch
Deburr outer surface
Part (separate) coupler
Ream and deburr shaft hole
Drop into tray - One coupler done!

Download and watch movie  Microsoft WMV File 24MB 640 x 480

It is pretty nice resolution, so you can expand your Windows Media Player to look up close and see  what's going on.   Enjoy!  73, Ken

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